Sean and Theresa Kingston

Conservation Advice and Management

Avon Wildlife Trust
Avondale Ecology

With thanks to YACWAG for assistance with monitoring and wildlife surveys


Conservation Management Plan

The site has long been renowned for its botanical interest and records date back to the County Flora of 1893.  The woodlands support a high diversity of plants and ancient woodland indicators.  It is our intention to enhance this diversity through careful management. King’s Wood also supports nationally important populations of the rare and endangered greater horseshoe bats and dormice.

In 1999, records indicated that the woods supported the highest density of dormice in the UK, but unfavourable conditions lead to a decline.  We seek to reverse this decline and enhance habitats by introducing more light into the woods through removal of non-native species, promoting more diversity in woodland structure and opening up glades and rides. These measures should also improve conditions for many other notable and protected species. Shooting takes place throughout the year to limit tree damage from grey squirrels and browsing deer.

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