Map & Footpaths

There are several public footpaths running through the woods as shown on the map, marked green.

We currently permit access for adults and accompanied children to certain private paths, marked brown on the map. The private paths are not Public Rights of Way and are subject to various entry conditions. We hope that you will enjoy walking in the woods safely by staying on the designated paths. Please do not disturb any wildlife, plants, soil or earth features. You could be disturbing ecologically important material and it may be a criminal offence to do so. We will fully support the relevant authorities in any prosecution brought against those causing damage.

Congresbury Woodlands are identified by a blue boundary on the map and owned subject to the reservation of rights to the rearing of game and wildfowl and the lawful shooting of game and vermin. These rights are actively pursued by the Congresbury Estate, so please do not trespass off the Public Footpaths for your own safety.

Save as required by law, the owners take no responsibility for the safety of those entering the woodlands and entry is at your own risk. The owners will accept no liability for loss or damage as a result of members of the public accessing these woods.

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