Sean and Theresa Kingston

Conservation Advice and Management

Avon Wildlife Trust
Avondale Ecology

With thanks to YACWAG for assistance with monitoring and wildlife surveys

  • For your own safety and the protection of wildlife please do not stray from the public footpaths and the designated private paths under any circumstances.  To do so will be an act of trespass.

  • Beware of forestry operations, potentially unstable trees, ancient earthworks and mines which could collapse at any time.  Shooting also takes place  throughout the year. 

  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult and closely supervised on the private paths.

  • Dogs must be kept under close control.

  • Access is permitted on foot only. No bicycles, motorised vehicles or horses allowed at any time. 

  • The private paths may be closed for management purposes at any time, and will always close on 1 February annually.

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